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  1. Farrasindo Perkasa was established to meet the challenges and demands of big cities in Indonesia that have limited land to build and provide office facilities and infrastructure, trade facilities and infrastructure and also  housing for the residents.

  2. The implementation of regional autonomy was viewed by Farrasindo Perkasa as both a window and door  to see the big cities in the world with the common characteristics such as skyscraper buildings, modern shopping centres and modern development of luxury homes based on Readymix Concrete or concrete ready quality so that the building secure and durable.

  3. Concrete Pump is the only solution for maintaining the fresh concrete and remain feasible so that the quality of the concrete remains good and the project done more faster.

  4. Encouraged to help achieve the goal of building owners and contractors that can build quickly and still consider the quality or strength of concrete, our service is to help pour the concrete (un loading) quickly in order to remain fresh.




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