History Of Farrasindo Perkasa

PT Farrasiindo Perkasa was founded and built to answer the challenges and demands of large cities in Indonesia which have limited land to build and provide office facilities and infrastructure, as well as trade on the one hand, and housing for residents on the other.
The implementation of regional autonomy for PT Farrasindo Perkasa is seen as a window and door to see big cities in the world with the common characteristics of increasingly high skyscrapers, modern shopping centers & the construction of houses based on Readymix Concrete or ready-made concrete. Use it to ensure building quality and durability
Concrete Pump is the only solution to keep concrete fresh and its suitability maintained so that the quality remains good on the one hand and the work is completed more quickly.
Driven to help achieve the goals of building owners and contractors so that they can build quickly and still pay attention to the strength or quality of the concrete, we help with efforts to pour (unload) quickly so that the concrete remains fresh (Fresh), by building a business and focusing ourselves as Concrete Pump rental business by building a business and focusing on being a Concrete Pump and spare parts rental business
Farrasindo Perkasa (FP) is a concrete building construction heavy equipment rental service company which was established in Jakarta on October 3, 2001 by readymix concrete practitioners who are experienced in the practice of casting buildings, apartments, roads. Our services prioritize product/service quality, speed and timeliness for customer satisfaction
· Addres : Jl. Raya Srengseng No.41 A-B Kembangan, Jakarta 
· NPWP :
· Founding Date : 3 October 2001 Number Deed : 1,Notaris Patti Dewi Rosanni Pasaribu SH.
· Deed of Amendment Number 85, November 17, 2008 made by Notary H. Dana Sasmita, SH.
· Ratification of the Deed of Establishment by the Minister of Justice Number AHU-97343.AH.01.02 of 2008, December 17, 2008.