FLSCM 5500



Tools Type Self Loading FLSCM 5500



Articulated chassis for off-road operation


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Concrete OutputL / Batch5500
Total Drum CapacityL8200
Front Shovel CapacityL800
Water Tank CapacityL2 x 430
Max. Drum Slewing Angle 270
Gradeability 40
Min. Turn Radiusmm6200
ProductivityBatch / hour4
Engine PowerkW92
Engine TypeFAW, 6105, Turbo-charged
Drive Type4×4
TransmissionAutomatic, 4 F+4R Shift
Tyre Size12R22.5
Tyre NumberPcs6
Operating WeightKg11200
Overall Sizemm8450 x 3100 x 3640
Double cone drum with double spiral mixing screws, mixing blade, and convex bottom.
Geometrical Drum Volume: 8.2 m3
Concrete Output: 5.5 m/ Batch, 22 m3/ Hour
Drum Rotation Speed: 20 rpm
Drum is rotated by means of a dual gear pump and hydraulic piston motor in a closed circuit. Mixing and discharging speed is independent from r.p.m of diesel engine. The discharging process is achieved by reversing the operation drum. The mixing unit is lifted up 16 by two hydraulic cylinders at bottom and slewed hydraulically through 220 for high discharge over 2m on the four sides of the vehicle
Engine: FAW, CA6DF1-12GG2, 6-Cylinder
  Turbo Charged and Water Cooled.
Rated Power: 92 kW (125 HP) @2200 rpm
Max. Torque: 570N.m @1300~1500 rpm
Hydrostatic “automotive” transmission with gear pump and hydraulic motor with hydraulic control, and reverse gear control on the steering wheel. It is kinds of 4 wheel drive and articulated steering
20 Ton payload reduction axle with oil bath disc brakes and planetary reducers 
4F+ 2R Shift
I st : 0 – 3.7 Km/h | 0 – 3.7 Km/h
II nd : 0 – 9.5 Km/h | 0 – 9 Km/h
III rd : 0 – 18.0 Km/h
IV th : 0 – 30 Km/h
ROP&FOPS Type closed front cab is suited on the side of the loading shovel and can slew together with a mixing drum. Air conditioner, tilting front window and anatomic seat with flexible suspension are available.
Gear Pump for Drum Mixing & Arm LiftingFlow Rate : 40 mL/r
Working Piston Pump for Drum MixingFlow Rate : 90 mL/r
Walking Gear Pump for DrivingFlow Rate : 32 mL/r
Hydraulic Piston MotorFlow Rate : 56 cm3/rev
The function of drum mixing & lifting and arm lifting are all controlled by one set of hydraulic Joystick systems.
Italian brand “Hi-Tech Solutions” electronic weighing system is optional upon request. The “Load Cells” are acting on the lifting arm and technical data are displayed on the shovel loader weigher inside the cabin.
Is fitted with teeth in front and completed with a hydraulic opening gate. The lifting arms are controlled by double-acting hydraulic cylinders. The shovel could overturn, a substitute for a wheel loader. 
Volumetric Capacity: 800 Liters
Number of Shovelfuls per load: around 7
Could be mechanically titled and slewed at 90 by means of one adjustable handle. 1 Pc of discharging chute is fixed on drum, 1 Pc of 1 m removable discharging chute extension is provided as standard equipment. The extension chute could be customizable
Self-priming hydraulic water pump with quick-suction. 
Max. Capacity: 550 Liters / min
Two connected steel water tanks are positioned opposite each other, with a total capacity of 2×430 Liters
Fully Loaded 40%
Air cap oil service brake. Internal Oil-bath disc service acting on the 4 wheels. Negative hydraulic parking brake with internal wheel hub disc on front axle
Off road industrial type, Model 16/70R22.5, PR 14.
Hydrostatic front wheel steering.
Min. Turning Radius: 6200 mm
Alternator: 28V — 1500– Wa
Battery: 2 x 12V — 100 Ah
For electric starter and road lighting. Safety battery cut-off.
Fuel tank: 180 L
Total Hydraulic System Capacity: 180 L
Engine Oil: 16 L
Articulated chassis for off-road operation
Operating Weight: 11200 Kg
Load-carrying Capacity: 13200 Kg
Max. Gross Weight: 24400 Kg