Sign Language for Concrete Pump Work

Sign Language for Concrete Pump Work During the implementation of concrete pumping, a concrete pump operator is assisted by several operator/helper assistants who must be able to work together and coordinate properly so that the implementation of pumping fresh concrete can run smoothly.

In order to avoid confusion or miscommunication, when pumping fresh concrete an operator only communicates with 1 person (who is appointed and authorized by the foundry executor). However, if an operator cannot communicate directly due to distance or building obstructions, communication must be assisted by radio communication devices or sign language.

The following are some examples of sign language that is usually used by the ACPA (American Concrete Pump Association) for concrete pumping work.

  • Boom up
  • Boom down
  • Left boom
  • Boom right
  • Open or extend boom
  • Close or shorten the boom
  • Boom stop
  • Accelerated pump start
  • Slow down the pump
  • Stop pump
  • Add water
  • Move a little
  • Finish and clean

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