What is Concrete Pump

Concrete pump / concrete pump

is a tool used to push the results of liquid concrete that has been processed from a mixer truck. Usually, a concrete pump is used to cast concrete slabs, basement floors, or it could also be the foundation of a swimming pool. Basically, a concrete pump is used to work on casting which is difficult to do manually.

PT. FARRASINDO PERKASA has the most Concrete Pumps in Indonesia with a fleet of more than 300 units with various types and different brands. With several types in it, such as Mini Pump, Standard, Long Boom, Super Long Boom and Extra Double Super Long Boom which have been trusted to handle projects in Indonesia.

PT. FARRASINDO PERKASA has become a reliable contractor for the Indonesian government as well as various housing development companies and private companies. We already have a very good reputation in the field of concrete pump service providers. The tools we provide are also complete with workers who are experts in their fields. Thus, you don’t need to hesitate to use our services. If you want to use the services of a concrete pump from PT. FARRASINDO PERKASA,
you can call the number on here.

For reservations/reservations contact:
Phone number :
0815 7474 7474
0815 7547 3390

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